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At this age, "alpha dog" and "queen bee" behavior is the norm, but things can get dangerous when that tendency is paired with verbal or physical threats -- the way it's so often depicted in the media.

The violence that teens see in games, on TV shows, and at the movies needs discussion so that they don't "pose" violently in real life.

Our age-based reviews and ratings are a guide -- but ultimately, you're still the expert when it comes to your kids.

At this age, teens' intellectual powers allow for perception and insight.

Video chat also needs strong boundaries, as do the videos that kids create and upload.

Remind teens that they can untag themselves whenever they're identified, and stress that they need to respect others' privacy as well.

On the plus side, it's easier for kids this age to make ethical decisions, and they're developing their own ideas on social issues -- which they may be excited to discuss.

Because the whole topic of sex itself can be uncomfortable for teens, sexual humor also really comes into play now.

And while many teens love a good scary movie, not all scares are created equal: Slasher films will still scare most kids this age (for good reason! At this age, many teens have matured physically, and some have become sexually active.

They can understand a range of sexual behavior, from normal to violent, so it's critical to talk with them about what they see and think, even though it can be a tough conversation.

For teens, texting overtakes most other forms of communication, except perhaps instant messaging.

Both of those can be invisible to parents, so it becomes crucial to establish a code of conduct for them.