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Organza always smells sophisticated, complex, bold, and intriguing to me.It smells very historic and classic to my nose; I feel like it belongs to the old times; in a very grand way.A very slight sweetness comes through on the dry down for me, but on a scale of 1-10, I would say the sweetness is only about a 3 or 4, so not overly sweet at all. Not as syrupy and sickly sweet as the pure perfume. If i never swap my full pure perfume mini than i will just layer it underneath the edp for more throw and endurance.All of the notes are blended together cleverly and smoothly, so nothing shouts above the other. I agree on all accords bar white floral, or maybe it's in the background for me. My edp is nutty, profound, sophisticated and a touch powdery. Notino sample: Goes on very sweet and rather generic - not, necessarily, a bad thing, when you are someone like me, who doesn't seem to suit many top notes!I cannot detect the amber note offhand, for example, but I am sure it blends in with the other notes, to round this out with warmth, making this, again, a great Fall daytime scent. This was a blind buy for me and I was sort of thinking/expecting that this might have a vintage 80s scent about it, those powerhouse 80s scents, but this is softer than expected. However, then something pops up, on my skin, that smells (and I am really sorry I am forced to mention this) a little reminiscent of vomit... Fortunately, that moment passes within a few minutes and it returns to just being very sweet and slightly flowery, again.The bottle design I guess makes me think it looks like an 80s scent. Although, I'm not sure I could put myself through a (literally) slightly nauseating few minutes, however much I might like a fragrance, later on?It starts with an intense nutmeg pungent white floral smell and a few minutes later the flowers distance themselves and you start smelling a very warm vanilla induced spicy Jasmine and tuberose and gardenia.It does have e very rich woody background; and is well blended with a ton of notes.

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I love white florals and the nutmeg, walnut and the amber added in bring a warmth to this, making the perfect Fall daytime fragrance (for me), which I had been looking for Fall Daytime fragrance for a long time (and still would like to add a couple more Fall daytime scents to my stash). Something in the pure perfume reminded me of JPG Classique edt which i strongly dislike.I like a fragrance that is soft yet has that body and strength of a wonderful scent that leaves a wonderful trail in the air,and this so rightly performs so well!Let's face it the 90's were the best decade to produce some great fragrances,and this floriental sits perfectly.It's a striking yet delicate fragrance,and I love it! So, from my experience, the house of Givenchy has always specialised in making distinctly feminine perfumes.In the sense that the one this reminds me of (which my mother used to own) was Ysatis, which again was a very grown up and feminine fragrance.