Windows xp validating wireless connection

Well, best of luck...sorry I can't be of any more help. I also tried restarting it from within the built-in utility ( My wireless card is internal, so it would be a little cumbersome to take it out and put it back in.But I doubt that anything is wrong with the wireless card, because it can connect just fine to my neighbor's unsecured wireless network. I believe this will put you back at square 1 and you will have to reconfigure everything (e.g.I see a box come up saying "Waiting for network to be ready..." and it hangs there.On the list of wireless networks, my network says "Acquiring network address" but it doesn't actually connect. I tried rebooting my computer, repairing my connection, and restarting my router, and I am still having this problem. I didn't mention this in the question but my brother can connect to the router fine using his laptop. It still connects fine to my neighbor's router. I see "Client for Microsoft Networks", "Virtual Machine Network Services", "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks", "Qo S Packet Scheduler", and "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)". OK, if your brother connects fine, it has to be your computer. Also, uncheck Authenticate as computer when computer information is available.(6) Now click the properties button and check Validate server certificate and make sure that Global Sign is checked under Trusted Root Certification Authorities.2) Reset the router by holding in the button for 15secs until the lights indicate that it has fully reset.

If you have tried all other venues, then I would then go for this option. What makes you think that one of my other computers is reconfiguring the router?8) You are now connected to the WPA enabled, ICTP Secure Network.I have a desktop computer with a wireless card, running Windows XP SP3.My wireless card is USB, so I tried taking it out and putting it back in.I am not 100% which of those actually fixed it, but keep trying a combination of those things until it works, that's what I did.