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After Ash slams the door on Lance and Becky, he just scoffs and leaves with Becky.Lance is later seen by Ash singing with Becky at the same restaurant that he and Ash tried to get a gig at at the beginning of the movie. Lance and Becky see Ash on TV performing "Set It All Free" on the news.Lance is a anthropomorphic porcupine with a dark blue and azure striped shirt and a black shirt above it, along with jeans and black shoes.Like Ash, he has brown fur and brown and white quills, except his quills are longer. It's unknown how long Lance and Ash had been dating but it had apparently been long enough and close, as they formed a rocker duo.Becky turns off the TV, scoffing that Ash wasn't that good.Lance appeared to agree with her, but once Becky left the room, Lance quickly grabs the remote and turns the TV back on, apparently enamored by Ash and her performance.

“Yet we’re up against her biological clock — that pressure is what cracked it.” Armstrong, who was previously married to Kristin Richard, is the dad of five kids: Luke, 17, and twins Grace and Isabelle, 15, with Richard; and Max, 7, and Olivia, 6, with current girlfriend Anna Hansen. He later appears to regain his affection for Ash at the end of the film after seeing her perform. There is no information available for this particular section.Help the Sing Wiki by adding the desired information here!Lance Armstrong is about to ride his way down the aisle.The 45-year-old cyclist is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Anna Hansen. " the athlete captioned the happy photo with Hansen's new sparkler catching the light on her left hand.