Who is justin chatwin dating

He’s talked to Fiona (Emmy Rossum) on the phone once, in six months, and she’s the only thing that means anything to him.

He has the disease of believing in romantic love and true love, and he’s a pursuer of cheap thrills. He sees his only answer in life as Fiona, and Fiona is not simple. I think they’re both attracted to each other because they’re both very similar. Do you think he’s trying to sabotage himself before he gets hurt?

, actor Justin Chatwin plays Steve, a handsome and charming guy with a lot of money and a rap sheet a mile long.

After a heartbroken Fiona (Emmy Rossum) was forced to choose her family over him in Season 1, Steve left for Costa Rica alone.

JUSTIN CHATWIN: I had those reservations, after the first season. Seriously, (executive producer) John [Wells] sat me down and was like, “Don’t worry, you’re coming back in Episode 4 or 5, with a cameo in Episode 3.” I love working on the show, but at the same time, I understand the device of looking forward to the character coming back. CHATWIN: I think what Steve does, which is what I’ve always done, is that when you’re madly in love with someone and you can’t be with them, you try to go back to living your old life.

He may not be stealing cars, but I think he’s into dealing drugs down there, and he gets himself into the same mess that he got himself into in Chicago, which is strictly acting off of his impulses and not thinking about what he does.” And then, I got the script and I was actually getting a blow job in Episode 3.I went to set for two hours, at in the morning, and stripped down my clothes and performed hip gyrations, and then I went home.For me, it’s a whole process of learning and growing.Because there is such an ensemble on this show, are there any actors that you haven’t gotten to work with much yet, that you’d love to be able to do some scenes with?