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This is also a nice reprisal for Fox from her previous movie and I’ve generally liked the majority of her work.She brings a sassy sexiness to Shante, which has one of her better roles of late.She also steers the audience through the machinations as well.Mark Brown crafts the five-step process so that it’s not altogether obvious, and Shante and Tiffany work it to perfection, frequently turning Byron into a frazzled mass of blue-balled angst.

In a world of Black Lives Matter and untamed gang and gun violence in Chicago, the franchise's backdrop, everyone involved - MGM and New Line included - knew the film needed to address the social climate but in a way native to it. After initially not believing there was a need for one more film, he stumbled upon a news article about a Memphis barber who gave free haircuts to stop the shootings in his community.

Tiffany happened to catch Byron in a compromising position (though not of his doing) with a sexy executive from the TV show.

Now she’s seeking Shante’s help in making Byron jump through every hoop in the ATL to bend him to her whim.

The formula for so-called black films is both specific and ill-defined: Jenifer Lewis, Lynn Whitfield, or Loretta Devine lead a mostly black cast, with Taye Diggs or Morris Chestnut in there somewhere.

Spike Lee or Tyler Perry is writer, director, and star.