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Anyways, we hope we have an update on the couple soon because we really like the pairing.We just hung out with @davidhenrie on top of the @empirestatebldg!The pair have been together for a while now, and make a seriously adorable couple!Maria Cahill was Miss Delaware in 2011, and she hopes to have her own talk show someday - fingers crossed!

She was sipping a tea and as she got out of the car and seemed excited to see old friends.David Henrie and Maria Cahill have not been doing all their cutesy stuff lately. The Wizards of Waverly Place actor and his girlfriend, a Miss America contestant and pro-life activist, had been dating since earlier this year.And they had been tagging each other on their Instagram and Twitter accounts and had been photographed various times, including in the red carpet.The 24 year old is an active pro-life and chastity advocate.She often tweets about the cruelties Planned Parenthood imposes upon unborn fetus.