Who is chyna anne dating

As a person born on this date, China Anne Mc Clain is listed in our database as the 10th most popular celebrity for the day (August 25) and the 7th most popular for the year (1998).

People born on August 25 fall under the Zodiac sign of Virgo, the Virgin.

"I'm a savage and I always have been and I always will be and I don't give a f--k.

All u may think my daughter may see this one day and I hope she does cuz this isn't love," he continued.

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China Anne Mc Clain is a famous American actress and singer, who was born on August 25, 1998."This is the dude Chyna got caught cheating on me with for a minute now.And look he texted me asking for help and said he needed money cuz he can't afford to pay Chyna's bill so that's why I pay her bills. Just yesterday Chyna sent me her p---y and everything and said she gonna come f--k me ... Never once have I cheated on Chyna and I remained loyal to her even after all the cheating she been doing and the multiple men she been f--king including me ..."The 30-year-old sock designer continued, posting nude photos of Chyna and additional sexual text messages they allegedly exchanged. I just bought her 250K of jewelry yesterday," Kardashian wrote on social media."Chyna been like this long before me but I chose to love all of her cuz I don't judge.But second the baby was born she got body surgery I paid for and was gone from me and dreams life."He also alleged that Chyna acted out of jealousy after her ex Tyga dated Kardashian's younger sister, Kylie Jenner.