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Our Savior said to love one another.” While the verses of this song are more “self-centered,” as it were – asking God for help and comfort in a dark place – the refrain about being a “living prayer” is really about serving.If we make our lives a “living prayer” to God, then we can’t help but show love towards others.With the show Entertainment tonight he has gained most of his popularity and covers different weather news with his shows.Till now it’s been nine years he has been working for CNN. Because of his hard work he has been able to be in present position.He attended local school and later on joined Cornell University for his bachelor’s degree in meteorology.

There he was hired as the head as well as morning meteorologist.Favorite lyrics: “Take my life and let me be, a living prayer my God to thee.” This song is a beautiful ballad about a jaded old bartender who is moved to compassion by a little boy’s story of a woman who’s lost and alone on Christmas Eve.In a selfless act, the bartender empties his cash register to pay for a cab ride and a plane ticket so the woman can get home. Favorite lyrics: “If you want to arrange it, this world you can change it.There is no doubt that such a popular person must have impression net worth as well as good salary and pays.Moving onto his personal life relationships, he is a married man.