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On the other hand, much of the functionality of We Chat is app based, so I can and do use didi dache without We Chat (if I pay with cash, of course, and the non-taxi service is off limits to me). with CMB) and don't keep too much money in there.I was impressed by Australia, where RFC seems to be ubiquitous, you just swipe and that's it. Then you can use Didi for private cars, which are less likely than taxis to smell of smoke.She even figured out how to video-chat with me in Chinese New Year Eve. It is so convenient that I feel my phone is much less useful when I am back in America.I have group chats with my college classmates, high school classmates, etc. As in Europe, you pay the data amount what you consume. The only hurdle is that you must have an China bank account to transfer money into your wechat account.

Super convenient to have one place to buy concert tickets, order a taxi, pay your takeout order, top up your prepaid SIM card, or just send money to friends. "Do you have Venmo, Pay Pal, Square Cash, Google Wallet, etc? Do take note that each Chinese mobile carrier actually also sets up a digital wallet for you associated with your phone number.

I highly recommend anyone wanting to see the future of North America's payment technology to have a trip to China.

I believe there's lots of catch up to do here."We Chat is an ecosystem that integrate so many things extremely well. Almost everyone with a smartphone is a wechat user, including my mother over 70 years old. You can transfer money to other friends, like splitting a bill, etc.

It can be used to pay utilities, TV & internet services. It will remind you before you run out of money in your account. Online shopping on one of the biggest online retailer? So I'm resident in China and don't use We Chat, but my wife (Chinese) does however for all the things you listed.

By the way, the CCTV system in my remote hometown had the feature to pay all of these in TV using remote many years ago. It is integrated with Didi Dache, the Chinese Uber. You can use it to order train tickets, including the high speed trains. One of the annoying aspects seem to be its reliance on QR, but that is changing (Union Pay now supports RFC at places like Starbucks, not sure if this is related to We Chat or not).