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If we haven’t got your postcode or phone number we can’t construct a password to protect your letter, so we’ll tell you it’s in ‘My Account’ instead.(You can add a phone number/post code if it’s missing in ‘My Details’ at any time). You’ll need to be registered with My Account online and have a valid Account Number.

We highly recommend you register your own personal email address rather than a shared one to make sure no one else can have access to your personal mail. We won’t send you emails if you’ve not registered in ‘My Account’ or if we can’t deliver emails to you.

The letters will come from Littlewoods and you’ll see the email address displayed as [email protected]

If you’re ever worried about whether it’s a genuine email from Littlewoods, check the email has come from this email address before opening it.

However, there are some letters we’ll have to continue to mail to you for security or regulatory reasons. You can either print them or download and save them.

We’ll store the letters in ‘My Account’ for 8 weeks for you. Just so you know, we’ll remove them after 8 weeks so that we don’t clutter your account summary tab with old information. We’ll send you sensitive letters as a PDF that requires a password to open the attachment.

Webchat with girls free no credit card