Varve analysis dating method

Then the curves or such parts of them as included undisturbed varves of normal variation and thickness were selected for constructing the normal curve, and those curves were discarded that showed great difference in thickness from the majority or poor agreement in the shape of the curve.

Varves have been used to set up the first "absolute" chronology, which significantly exceeds the Scriptural time scale from Genesis.

Lambert and Hsu present evidence from a Swiss lake that these varve-like layers form rapidly by catastrophic, turbid water underflows.

If you restrict the deposition of all the varves to the 1 year total duration of flood models, you must deposit a varve in a few seconds (assuming you have all year - not taking into account other, thicker rock formations).Finally, diatoms are twice as abundant in the light-colored layers as in the dark.From this evidence it is concluded that the light layers represent summer seasons and the dark ones fall, winter, and spring. [5] Three cycles of greater length than the varve cycle are suggested by fairly regular recurrent variations in the thickness of the varves and in the thickness and character of certain beds and by the fairly regular spacing of certain salt-mold layers.All individual curves [of varve thickness] were first matched and corrected for number of varves.If, for example, out of three measurements two agreed, but one had one varve less or more than the others, the exact location of the mistake was determined and the curve corrected by dividing one varve in two or uniting two varves in one, so that this curve agree with the two others.