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So you could use this to suppress the yellow status until it had been yellow for some time, so when it does turn yellow you know this is something you have to handle.

Or if your custom test reported a "red" status, you could make it go yellow for the first 5 test cycles, and red after that.

Also make sure hobbit has read access to the files. I have added LOG /path/to/my/logfile WARNING COLOR=yellow to but still nothing happens. This tells the client to send the log file to the server because Hobbit messages protocol is bi-directional, not just hobbit client sending message to server.

hobbit server can actually instruct hobbit client to send in log files that are not default ones.

(Hobbit ignores these messages completely, so it did seem like a waste of time to generate them).

Note that this isn't really described very well anywhere.

Hobbit is a FOSS project by hobbit developers who contribute to the project in their spare time.

It is under active development but a release date for the next version has not been announced.

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I'm not sure if alerts will work, though, since the Hobbit client doesn't generate the "page" messages that the BB server expects to trigger sending out alerts.

It means you will have to maintain the client configuration on the client, not on the Hobbit server.

Regards, Henrik bash-3.00$ more 2006-08-29 Execution of 'hobbitping -Ae' failed - program not suid root?

No data would ever show up, because a Big Brother server doesn't know how to feed the client data through the hobbitd_client module, which takes care of converting the client data into status columns.

However, you *can* run the Hobbit client in the local-configuration mode.