Validating uk vat number

From next Monday, we’ll be able to register for , leaving everyone roughly two months to get the rest of their procedures in place.

I sell software to customers across the EU, which is delivered over the Internet (i.e. The software is installed locally at the customer’s location, and doesn’t access the Internet for any part of its operation. I’m really hoping this means we don’t fall under these new changes, as we are currently not front-end), and this change will pretty much make it prohibitively complicated to continue.

We’ll either have the expense of moving to an e Commerce package which has all this taken care of, or stop trading.

number as B2C – even though my product is aimed at design agencies so should be B2B, someone might buy it for a personal website, for example.

rules that apply to Tom, running his larger enterprise. However I’ve now read this in several different places, for example see this from Grant Thornton.

I’m still hoping that there is some loophole for people meaning the above isn’t true.