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Thus, persons who began using water before Nevada started issuing water right permits for the particular water sources still have valid water rights.

Although claims are typically submitted to the State Engineer after the initiation of a stream adjudication, they can be made at any time A stream adjudication is the process by which the state can determine all the water rights along a particular waterway or within a particular water basin, including individual water rights, Indian water rights and federal water rights.

All persons with water rights must submit claims to the State Engineer in order to be issued a “decreed” or “determined” right upon the conclusion of the stream adjudication with the earliest priority date of use taking precedence.

Nevada is the driest state in the nation (measured by average annual precipitation), and thus vested water rights are highly coveted by Nevada water users.

Vested water rights start as vested water right “claims.” Persons using water rights dating back prior to the Nevada water code must make a claim of right with the Nevada State Engineer.