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For this particular practice, it was most likely a result of various changes within the practice over the years.

Factors that may contribute to rogue profiles may include: As you go through your profile listings, do not be alarmed when you save information and it does not appear right away.

Your task now is to update the incorrect or outdated information and make sure your listings stay current with pictures and contact information.

The Yellow Pages, a commercial directory that lists information about companies by area, is now available to both offline and online searchers.

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Nearly 20 percent of these YP users are in the 65 or older age range while 80 percent of Google’s searches are from 25-34 year olds.Don’t you want your practice to come up when searched and don’t you want the information that comes up to be correct? To make matters worse, many of these 84 different profiles contained inaccurate information about the practice.By taking the time to properly claim each individual listing, we were able to correct the information as well as add pictures and web and social links.Once you list your business in the Yellow Pages, that information sometimes gets distributed in other directories as well.It's very simple to complete the process of listing your company in this popular directory for businesses. Visit Super Media, the service that manages Super Pages, one of the main online outlets for Yellow Pages listings.

Updating yellow pages listing for businesses