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The only way to recover your files is to try to "crack" the password or the key, but it could take thousands or millions of years (depending on the length and quality of the password or keyfiles, on the software/hardware performance, algorithms, and other factors).Back in 2010, there was news about the FBI failing to decrypt a True Crypt volume after a year of trying.Note that you can't use Ease US Partition Master to directly format write-protected San Disk memory card, USB flash disk or Pendrive.

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The latter can be utilized for those who don't have an Internet connection readily available.Before doing the conversion, it is advised to backup the volume header using True Crypt.You can delete this backup safely once the conversion is done and after checking that the converted volume is mounted properly by Vera Crypt.While we can't verify if this is true or just a "psy-op" stunt, in Vera Crypt we have increased the security of the key derivation to a level where any brute-force of the password is virtually impossible, provided that all security requirements are respected.This can be caused by the True Crypt driver that clears BIOS memory before Vera Crypt is able to read it.