Updating portage tree xldating

Although this definition may not be strictly correct, see for example its Wikipedia article.The Bourne-Again Shell that is developed as part of the GNU Project, is the default command shell of Sabayon Linux and most other Linux distributions (including Gentoo Linux). A type of software package that contains an executable script that is ready to be run.The acronyms used in this post include: indicates that the code that follows, that is on the same line, is to entered into a instance of Bash with root privileges.

To do this it is advisable to search the GPO website, for the package you would like and then add the overlay that contains the package you want with Layman.The best example Linux package manager that works with source code packages by default is Portage.Entropy, Layman and Portage are all written in Python, Bash script and to smaller extents other programming languages like C.ebuilds are just the names of packages you want to install.At a bare minimum they should be the package’s name (case-sensitive), without its category (e.g., wordpress for ), but sometimes specifying a package’s name without its category leaves some ambiguity (that is, there may be more than one package in the Portage Tree or unofficial overlays added with Layman, that has the name specified), so it is often safer to specify the category also.