Updating pc for java

Initial commit is done and its in Spark's source code sparkmeet plugin - initial release by deleolajide · Pull Request #253 · igniterealtime/Spark · Git Hub.

For a complete list of changes please check Spark Changelog As usually we encourage new developers to join Spark project and provide patches.

Spark was created around the same time that the Kyoto protocol went into effect, Pluto got demoted to the status of 'dwarf planet' and Italy won the FIFA world cup in Germany. Since then, source code development tooling has improved a lot.

Today, the Spark project is struggling to find active contributors.

Those familiar with Smack can join the development easier, as we are now using the latest stable version (4.1.9).

Patches can be attached in the forums or submitted as PRs on Git Hub.

We encourage server admins to use certificates from trusted authorities (e.g. This version also includes 4.1.9 update for Smack, which has a fix for a critical security vulnerability.

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Old users won't be affected by this (those upgrading straight from 2.7 version will still be affected).

Although many of you are actively using Spark today, it is beginning to show its age.

This is something that we have been planning to address for a while now.

For many years now, Google is orchestrating its "Summer of Code" program.

GSo C aims to bring student developers into the open source community, during the summer holidays.