Updating munecraft done loading

It starts but it freezes at "Updating Minecraft, done loading" screen and doesn't go any further.Then i saw in 3d link that i need openjdk7 and that it wasn't installed on my system, so i installed "extra/openjdk7-src" since it was the only output of "pacman -Ss openjdk"same thing as above.Windows Mac Minecraft PECommunity Q&A If you need to reinstall Minecraft, you may be wondering why it's not showing up in your Programs and Features list or Applications folder.Because Minecraft is installed using Java commands, you can't uninstall it using traditional methods.Then i also saw in 3d link that i might need lwjgl so i installed it too from AUR https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php? I also tried "force update" button from minecraft's options as i saw some people were advised to thing again.I would like some help/advise in order to make game work.When reinstalling Minecraft, you can quickly backup your saved games so that you don't lose any of your progress.

and says the it is ' End of Stream' So i cant any servers anymore. Could someone post a picture of a normal vinilla minecraft bin folder so I know what to delete? 2) Select "Force update" in the launcher and see if that works. 2) Select "Force update" in the launcher and see if that works. I dunno where it would be on a Mac, but on a PC its in "C:\Users\your-user\Appdata\Local Low\Sun\Java\Deployment\" Hello, I have the same problem. And now it keeps loading, the program then got stuck.. But in my minecraft bin theres a hole bunch of crap that comes back whenever I force update. Well,im trying to do this to downgrade to 1.4.7 to try and play on my favorite server again.We're proud to offer services in multiple locations throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and more!We're firm believers in offering freedom, not limits!