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More specifically, the motherboard CPU socket needs to match that of the CPU’s socket.For example, if the motherboard supports LGA 1150, your CPU must support that as well.If you aren’t confident in your ability to match up parts or to correctly piece everything together once you’re in the midst of your build, it’s always going to be best to opt for a professional installation rather than the cost of replacing damaged hardware.The most crucial bit is that the motherboard and CPU must match.

When you want to make quick upgrades to PC performance, the first choices should always be increasing RAM or switching hard disk drives to solid state drives.If you’re a gamer or video editor, a new CPU/motherboard combination and a higher-performance GPU will make your PC feel like an entirely different machine.Games will run faster and with less lag, all while letting you increase the in-game settings to run at more graphically-intense levels than your previous card.For those of you that don’t have a lot of experience in building your own PCs Damaged motherboards are an infrequent but huge problem.Snapped pins, disconnected plugs, static electricity discharge, and other issues will all lead you back to the repair shop to buy new plugs, or, hopefully, to get a professional installation.