Ts tv chat anonymous

“We don’t want a situation where someone would pick our decoders and dump them somewhere.

“I can tell you categorically that some decoders will be released next week for Nigerians to test and we are going to cover the 36 states of the federation.

(Nigeriannews) “They should have launched months back, this Nigerian factor will always come into place, you should have prepared your staff, your takeoff, even before launching, let your customers, dealers have the products so on the launch everybody will just go gaga.” Mr.

Oddi thought out loud, admonishing them to keep to their words. Oddi noted also that people numbering not less than 10 have come to ask for when the product will be available.

Pulse got to Lagos Island, stopped by a pay-TV dealer shop named Classic Shelter Services on Igboshere road to find out if the shop has by any chance gotten and sold some stock of the TSTV device (this particular vendor had not yet been listed among the accredited dealers on TSTV Africa’s website). Bolaji Oddi, a veteran in the Pay-Tv business was unsurprisingly interested in dealing with TSTV but said they were yet to get back to him upon his application online, and has no clue how soon they will be in touch.

“That’s a grievous mistake, they should have launched in Abuja then do a dinner in Lagos, then possibly do something else in Port Harcourt, these are the major places” Mr Oddi remarked.