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If was at the bar i would wonder if something like these girls would bring down my value!For example: Tyler Durden's GF is really not that great.I can see why there is

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" The problem some of them have is they have tried some game in some form or another then found out it takes time, effort and work and it also takes getting knocked back from time to time and to bear through it takes a certain type of will power, maturity and a will to better ones self, many of those guys instead are like a bad trades man who instead just blames his tools.Since you said not to go there I figured I'd have a look. As for what Stallion was saying about taking the time, effort, ect..instructor from my local lair once mentioned that most guys last less than 3 months in Game. One thing I did find funny about that site was when they showed pics on the PUA Guru's girlfrends/wives ect!Hilarious (or maybe not) but I get these kinds of girls hitting on me without even trying very much. Other then that the best advice I can give any one is stay the hell away from that shity site! Wp I find its best to just ignore them, many of them have mental health issues, others are just armchair trolls, just remember the old saying.. Seriously, if you NEVER want to date a women and you want to believe your ugly and your doomed and you will never get with any good looking women, hang out with the rest of those retards on there!