Transfer of learning after updating training mediated by the striatum

Thus, PI susceptibility was generally reduced in the two training groups and there was no difference between WM training with high versus low PI demands.Further, there was no differential near or far transfer on non-trained tasks, neither immediately after the training nor in the follow-up.Working memory — the ability to maintain and manipulate information over a period of seconds — is a core component of higher cognitive functions. This paper illustrates that persistent activity is absent from the visual middle temporal area but emerges for the first time in the medial superior temporal area, and is further transmitted to the PFC.. This paper demonstrates that attributes of remembered stimuli can be decoded from f MRI activity of the PFC in humans, reaffirming neurophysiological findings that placed the maintenance of information in the frontal lobe rather than the sensory cortices.The storage capacity of working memory is limited but can be expanded by training, and evidence of the neural mechanisms underlying this effect is accumulating.

transfer of learning after updating training mediated by the striatum-39

Both groups similarly improved in PI resistance in both training tasks.

Here, we investigated whether PI resistance can be enhanced in older adults using a WM training with specifically increased PI-demands. low PI-amount in the tasks) were applied as between-participants manipulation, to which participants were randomly assigned.

Further, we investigated whether potential effects of such a training were stable and entailed any transfer on non-trained tasks. Near transfer tasks included interference tasks; far transfer tasks assessed fluid intelligence (g F) or speed.

The results are discussed in relation to the hypothesis that WM training affects domain-general attention control mechanisms and can thereby elicit far-reaching cognitive benefits.

Implications include the use of WM training as a general tool for enhancing important cognitive skills.