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Ships will need to download only 6 MB to 9 MB of data per week (for global coverage) for the C-MAP ENC database, and substantially less for C-MAP Professional .Transas Marine launched its latest ship security alert system Ship Guard 4 SSAS, utilizing the Sky Wave Isat Data Pro transceiver.Transas Marine has launched Transas Web Map Service (WMS)to provide transparent and easy access to navigation charts through common interface.Access to comprehensive mapping data is a powerful tool for developers of online web-based and mobile apps who can now use Transas’ top-notch technology to build their own applications.

It includes modem / GPS receiver, two alert activation circuits and on-board OFF/ON/TEST key switch.

In response to this, Transas Marine introduces a new version of its fleet SSAS and tracking service Fleet View Online 3.11.

Fleet View Online 3.11 offers its users three alternatives for electronic charts presentation; Transas Marine proven TX-97 charts with worldwide coverage, Open Steet Maps land charts and any charts provided by Web Map Service.

The key to this new updating service is Jeppesen's distribution format, called C-MAP CM-93/3 and type approved by DNV.

This format can compress large amounts of navigational data to a size that makes online transmission rapid and reliable.