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“I was still sleeping when they called me and told me to get up and watch because I was coming up.” He had doubts, he said, as to whether he would attract any bids from any of the IPL teams, but then heard his name called out.

Our second Afghan leg-break specialist Rashid Khan joins the #Orange Army brigade. #IPLAuction MIMm Nimo — Sun Risers Hyderabad (@Sun Risers) February 20, 2017 Rashid is a special type of bowler, a ‘leg spinner’ who makes the ball spin, or turn, leading it to bounce unpredictably on the pitch and making it tricky for the batsman to play. Yc4xa Ya — Sun Risers Hyderabad (@Sun Risers) February 20, 2017 It is immensely important for the national game that Afghan cricketers are getting into the IPL.

Once also the sport’s governing body, the MCC still administers the rules of the game and, in 1999, had only recently broken two hundred years of tradition by allowing women into the ground (4).Afghan women’s cricket, though, they say, has barely begun.For any reader who finds cricket something of a mystery, a brief description of how the game works can be found in an Appendix.It is also a remarkable success story, given that, 20 years ago, cricket was scarcely played by Afghans at all. It is a popular Pakistani street version of the game, which uses makeshift cricket bats and covers tennis balls with gaffer tape to take the bounce out of them, so that they more closely resemble the leather ball used by richer players.In the 1990s, Pakistan was one of the dominant cricketing nations, winning the World Cup in 1992 and cricket flourished at the local level in Pakistan.