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Talk Talk’s Customer Service record Unfortunately for Talk Talk customers, Talk Talk boast the ‘worst call centre customer service’ in the UK, according to research commissioned by Eckoh.That’s bad news for those who want to get in touch with Talk Talk over the telephone.It also meant a sharp uptick in the number of complaints that Talk Talk’s comparatively small customer service department simply failed to deal with adequately.In response, Talk Talk offered all customers a limited time offer to remain with the company.When you phone the Talk Talk contact number, you will be connected with an automated menu system which will run through a couple of options with you.These options will be related to the nature of your call.Social media is a good option if you would like to get Talk Talk’s attention quickly. I am having problems logging in to my Talk Talk account. Talk Talk’s online platform for managing your account is a quick and easy way to edit your details or subscribe to new products.

Along with the hack came a demand for 80,000 Bitcoin from the hackers, which was valued at the time at £17 million.

While automated menus may not be the most popular type of customer service among consumers, they do have a point, and that is to connect you to the correct department.

Simply follow the instructions the Talk Talk helpline gives you, and select the options most relevant to your enquiry, to be connected to the right department.

Sadly, there remains no faster way to get in touch with Talk Talk than through their customer service number.

That rating places Talk Talk below the likes of Expedia, Sainsbury’s, TV Licensing and Royal & Sun Alliance in the rankings for 2016, and is a source of shame for the British telecommunications company.