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But we drove a stake thru the heart of the trip and called it a day.. Now the south end of the lake is a different story.. The Salanaias is the best thing going from all reports.. But I am sure Tommy's son and/or son in law will dirt nap something on Saturday morning, and by Sunday evening there will be some meat hanging in the smokehouse.. I can just imagine some backstrap or a ring of sausage and my gout flares up.. They say you can make a soup out of those horns and it will bolster your boner.. And we seem to be shooting less than we ever have.. I was in the Diablo on Saturday, and I fished if from where the brush starts way back there, to the very back, throwing a spinnerbait on the way in, and flipping a worm on the way out. Although I have heard of some fish being caught in there.. And the shad will be headed back there before too long. Yesterday the water was still around eighty degrees here in the Veleno.. The wind is supposed to lay down tomorrow, and on Wednesday I am going to head to the south end to see if I can catch these fish a lot of folks have told me about. Although I am sure that there are still sixty ticks in each minute.. We still have a bit of water in the river as the creeks drain back out to the river, and there is still just a bit of water coming down the Salado. (And I guess that's why they are sending it.) But if I had my druthers, I'd much rather have it next week.. It is a bit windy here today, so I am not sure that the fishermen that are here will have it too easy out there. And after talking to a lot of folks the bulk of them will show up today and tomorrow. It is still not too late to call me with your license information.. Look for the big orange buoys on your way out of the Veleno and stay to the right (west) of them going out of the Veleno.. If you are not sure about the location please ask when you come in the store and I'll draw you a little map.. But I have loved to watch them and many times scheduled what I was doing to be able to watch the game. Whose security and safety is provided by the very same folks that they profess to hate. This is not the place, or time to show your disapproval.. Nothing has changed with the launching situation, with the county ramp still functioning decently, and I have been on the county to keep the silt cleaned off it so launching two boats at a time is doable.. I am ever the optimist, and we have another month or so of storm season in the Pacific to send some rain over those lakes. That anesthesia shit don't go away the moment you wake up.. We look forward to seeing you guys again, and thanks for choosing Falcon for your tourney.. Of course in about three weeks, Falcon will be hosting the TABC state tournament, and that is scheduled for the weekend of September thirtieth and October first.. There is still a crankbait bite going on, but this week the fishermen prefer the trees.. Yeah I been stuck in here for near a week, as Tommy is on Vacation.. On the south end of the lake, white bass have been schooling on shad on the surface and you can catch all you want if you run into a pod of them. It just is not as fast and furious as it was a couple of months ago.. Those two smaller lakes are still overfull, so lets hope that they will release water for a good while.. It's liable to be a zoo around here, and if I have your license in will call, or I already mailed it to you it will save you time when you get here.. August 14, 2017: Well here we are smack dab in the middle of August, and who would have guessed it.. And I don't have to go Nostradamus to predict that it will be hot and windy next August either. The fishing is not as hot as the weather, and the bite seems to be a bit sluggish for most folks..

And hopefully I'll figure it out shortly thereafter.. He caught a few fewer fish than me but he had two fives and a seven, with only one peckerhead in the batch.. And I will have to admit that I am seeing a few less commercials for Viagra and Cialis.. Forty years ago, nobody knew if grandma peed in her pants.. Even if the feeling never comes on and it just happens.. When I was a kid, mentioning a woman's period was unthinkable.. Good for heavy days and easy to remove on the light ones.. Condom commercials show everything but them putting one on.. I had a hard enough time with the fuckin presidents.. They just very rarely put us on the wet side of the storm.. And there is no doubt that there are a ton of fishermen from east Texas. White is the dominant color, but a sexy shad or shiner color will work as well. It's really hard to get a true picture of what is going on with so few fishermen on the water.. I did get out for a couple of hours on Sunday and we caught a few fish in the trees and a few on the rocks. We have been here three and a half hours this morning.. So if you decide to come down, you won't have too much competition for places to fish.. So after a bit I pointed it south and pulled into Pierces, and fished the island at the mouth.. Prayers out to all affected and displaced, and here's to hoping it won't be as bad as it appears. All of these lakes funnel into the last lake in the line before the water makes way into the Rio Grande.. And on Tuesday it was at 130% and was releasing 8300 CFS into the Rio Grande.. Of course with twenty plus MPH winds everyday, it tends to kill a lot of motivation to get on the water.. And wouldn't you know it, several boats managed to have some really good days. A Carolina rig is a good choice with your favorite bait on there. They had a five and a six in that general vicinity. There have been a few folks that have caught big numbers of little fish, and some caught little numbers of big fish. Jay from High Stakes Bassin went with me to the south end of the lake on Wednesday, and we had a fish plan in place. He had caught some fish down south the day before, so naturally we did not go where he had caught fish.. We are not known as a swimbait or swim jig lake, but you need to be throwing one right now. But decent fish have been caught doing most everything, utilizing whatever style of fishing you might prefer.. What is true for sure, that there is very, very, light boat traffic on the lake right now.. The fish pulled off after a two second epic battle.. I have talked to several groups of folks that are enjoying Zapata hospitality, but not because they want it that way. On Monday I was talking about things being a little slow in the fishing category.. They also caught some fish on plastics in the same neighborhoods. Some other fellows caught em decent here in the Veleno, around the old bridge and associated rockpiles and roadbeds. Of course today is halloween, and as freaky and fucked up as today's society is, there are probably more folks excited about today than there are about Easter.. I ain't been in one in twenty years..) you'd think every day was halloween.. We fished another hour in there and only caught one more dink, and I had a tail tugger.. Six and seven pound fish have been pretty common, with an occasional whopper being landed. I hope the county appraiser don't see it on the satellite.. It's not as big as some I have seen, but it does have split bedrooms and a bath downstairs.. October 23, 2017: It was a fairly busy weekend around here compared to late.. I went by the county ramp yesterday morning about ten, and there were thirty rigs in the parking lot. The fish have gone crazy and I have seen with my own eyes piles of whiskerfish caught over the last weekend. If you are a river rat here on Falcon, as I am, you are going to find that a lot of fishing opportunities are going to be awaiting you pretty soon.. That thing is probably still in the kill zone so be sure and avoid it.. I believe that we could catch another five feet or so in the next couple of days.. And we have caught 1.53 feet since yesterday morning at . That means that we are back on the state park ramp as of.. But it could be that in a day or two, they won't be.. You might have issues with the police, if you create them. But hurricanes are a fact of life when you live near the ocean. I'm going up to the ranch this weekend, cause Mama says the doves are lousy.. We'll have plenty, but it takes a lot less time to slap one in your hand when you walk in than to wait in a possible crowd to get yours issued.. There have also been a lot of them around the mouth of, and just inside Pierce's cove at marker seven. Because those guys just don't seem to release water unless they have to.. It takes an event to put a bunch of water in Falcon.. San Antonio Bass Club was in town over the weekend and their results were less than spectacular on Saturday. If you walk thru a mall (I'm pulling this out of thin air.. We caught a lot of fish down there last week as well, and there have been some good quality and lots of numbers being caught. With the grandkids coming of age, we built a new family deer blind this year.. Where I was catching some crappie under the bridge.. If you are a cat fisherman, you need to quit your job and get your ass down here. October 6, 2017: The first full weekend in October is upon us, and I can almost hear the Trick or Treaters already.. One thing that has slowed down, is the water rise, as we are about to max out on any thing that you would call real rising water.. I was not sure early on the we would get that high, but we have and are slowly rising still.. I imagine that unless something else weird happens or release rates change, we'll crawl up and over 281 early next week. And if you head up the river, keep in mind the old bridge abutment in the river just below Hedieona.. It also means that the old Veleno bridge is no longer visible.. The big orange markers on the west end of the bridge are still floating on top.. September 26, 2017: Well here it is, the week of the big TABC state tourney, and for the first time in a freakin year, they got rain predicted for most of the week.. Matter of fact, I am sure it is rougher than a weekend with Charlie Sheen.. Yesterday a decent number of fish were caught, but these guys are pretty tight lipped about the methods and certainly the locations.. I can get em done and have em ready to slap in your hand when you walk in.. But you can make it easier on both of us if we do her early.. Looks like I won't have to quit fishing early on Sundays to catch a noon game anymore.. I guess these spoiled, coddled, overpaid, prima donnas didn't actually get a dose of history while someone else was taking their college courses (that you paid for) for them. In a country with freedoms that others can only dream of.. The state park ramp is creeping back towards usability.. Launching off the bank at the end of the boat ramp cut is still working fine. I'll keep an eye on it, and next time I ain't gonna talk about it till it happens.. It has been a hell of a hurricane season this year, and our hearts go out to those that were and are being affected by all the damage. Anyway I am up and kinda around, and I am typing with two hands.. The lake level is kinda hovering in the same place it has been for nearly a month.. Captains meeting will also be here at FLT under the big top on Friday the 29th in the evening.. Once again let me ask you to order your Mexican license in advance. And most folks in east Texas certainly do not have the day off.. Keep an eye out for the seagulls crashing the water.. There are still catchable fish on the concrete tower at the Mexican outlet. And lets pray that the rains keep coming in those mountains in northern Mexico. Of course there are always a few over achievers that happen on a few good fish. Fortunately the moon is fading and the morning bite should improve as the week progresses.