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” And then I say, “OK, how about you just talk to me and include me in your life.” I think people should be more willing to just be like, “This is me, and I’m happy with it.Driving from Vegas to Salt Lake is relatively simple.BS: I’ve always been a sexual person, but I was first exposed to girls in Cedar City a few years ago. But it was about a year ago when I discovered that I am truly, just sexually fluid. We just drifted apart as far as musical tastes go, but I still jam all the time with people, especially my roommate. QSL: Can you explain to us your style and style influences?You know, I’d just be drinking and make out with girls, like, “Oh, this is great! ” And then a couple years ago was probably when I was more exposed to everything and more girls, and that’s when I was like, “Oh my gosh, I think I like girls… But music is huge for me, and I love to read and write also. BS: I just really love gypsies and filthy street style, and ’60s and ’70s styles are huge for me. Everybody is a byproduct of everybody, but if you can get away with wearing something really weird, that’s really cool to me. When I started college at (Southern Utah University), I started to be exposed to different people and cultures, because in Fillmore there’s no diversity at all. And because nobody talked about it, I didn’t really grow up exposed to it at all.To enter Zion National Park, you’ll need to pay an entrance fee or show your pass. Leeds Market, Leeds I found this gem completely by accident during my last trip back to Salt Lake. Parowan Gap Petroglyphs As you make your way through Cedar City, take Exit 62 to Highway 130.You probably have a similar story– you’re making great time, the kids are all settled in the back seat with a movie and snacks, and all of a sudden you hear a little voice, “I have to go potty! Parowan Gap is about a 25-mile detour, but it’s well worth the extra distance and time in your road trip.

“Our team.” Formerly of local rock ‘n’ roll band, Oh, Be Clever, she now spends her time as a hair stylist and music enthusiast.Often, out of state travelers will be cited for committing a criminal offense.This happens regularly to individuals traveling on I-15 or I-70, and those visiting the many national and state parks located in central Utah.You can also travel the byway from Payson by taking I-15 Exit 248.Andrew James is the founder and managing editor of, a news and local events website in Utah.