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One of the most successful at this was Rabbi Akiba who took part in the revolt of Bar-Kokba, against the Romans, and lost his life (135).The work of systematization was completed and probably committed to writing by the Jewish patriarch at Tiberias, Rabbi Jehudah ha-Nasi "The Prince" (150-210).The Bible contains not only revealed but also natural religion, free from error and with Divine sanction.Pagan systems may have natural religion highly developed, but with much concomitant error.

They devoted their energies to arranging the Unwritten Torah, or Law.There were other traditions not embodied in the work of Rabbi, and these are called additional Mishna.The discussions of later generations of rabbis all centred round the text of the Mishna.As no part of it was written down, it was preserved by constant repetition ( Mishna ).On the destruction of Jerusalem several rabbis, learned in this Law, settled at Jamnia, near the sea, twenty-eight miles west of Jerusalem.