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And, not for the first time, they called our love “The Thorn Birds.” All the drama was bearable because our love was the greatest story ever told.We struggled in those first few years – with finances, with skulking around and learning to be married with the shadow of shame over our heads.After the abuse and horror of my recent relationship, such kindness was irresistible.

Air Date: March 27th, 1983Network: ABCSeries Summary A priest (Richard chamberlain) and his parishioner (Rachel Ward) suffer from a forbidden love in this Golden Globe-winning saga based on Colleen Mc Cullough's bestseller.

When I wondered about the future of the relationship, and how guilty I felt, he made me promise to love only him, and to recite the wedding vows with him one night to bind us. He was moved from my parish to another church in another town but continued to drive back to my apartment to stay all night anyway. My parents remained philosophical -- because even a fallen priest was better than a drug-addled bully.

He told me afterward that we were both technically excommunicated by that private act – but that our love was bigger than the church or any rules of mankind. It was, as if by Mc Cullough’s own pen, our own “Thorn Birds” story. He eventually took a leave of absence and looked for a job in the private sector. We married almost immediately, with a secret wedding license so it wouldn’t appear in the newspaper.

will be a vast improvement on the TV mini series version.

Mc Cullough has travelled to Britain from her Norfolk Island home to put the finishing touches on the musical that she has been working on for the past 15 years.