Quake live stats not updating why am i not dating yet

If you have any questions, the IRC channel for the old bot, #minqlbot on Quakenet, is being used for this one as well. These instructions are for Debian 7 or 8 (use the latter if you can choose). You're on your own for the time being on other distros, but feel free to add instructions to the wiki if you want to help out.git clone https://github.com/Mino Mino/wget https://io/sudo python3.5 rm sudo apt-get -y install build-essential sudo python3.5 -m easy_install pyzmq hiredis sudo python3.5 -m pip install -r minqlx-plugins/Once you've configured the above cvars and launched the server, you will quickly recognize if for instance your database configuration is wrong, as it will start printing a bunch of errors in the server console when someone connects. As the owner, you are allowed to type commands directly into the console instead of having to use chat.If you want to try out the develop branch, make sure you use the develop branch of both repositories too, otherwise you might run into issues.To update the core, just use and you should be good to go.

I said it would be cool to have something sepparated, just like elo for duel is different than elo for 4v4 CA. Oh just re-read your comment and that's what you want.A few changes that happened in the last couple days to - ranking by region - more chart types on player profiles - data for up to 100 matches in the charts - weapons can be toggled on/off in the charts - minqlx receives Glicko ratings instead of Elo for balancing - integration with Steam Server Browser Game servers are assigned a region based on Geo-IP information. Damage is now also tracked (for new matches) and has its own chart.Players are assigned to the region of the game servers they play on. By clicking on the weapon name the graph/bar for that weapon can be turned on/off.It will compile the latest version from source and update plugins.The second script is the same, but using the develop branch instead.