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After finishing her Masters in International Business, Natalie traveled the world, spending time in Panama and Argentina, where she worked at the US Embassy.

Upon returning home, she held a position in Strategic Partnerships at a well-known tech firm.

North Dakota's public health system is made up of 28 single- and multi-county local public health units (LPHUs).

Services offered by each public health unit vary, but all health units provide services in the areas of maternal and child health, health promotion and education, and disease prevention and control.

Nora previously worked as a TDR Matchmaker in New York, but she now lives and works in sunny Los Angeles.

Originally from Alaska, Nora naturally gravitates toward the outdoors - she loves snowboarding, fishing, and SCUBA diving.

David Environmental Health Section Chief 701.328.5150 E-mail: [email protected] Kern, Wayne Municipal Facilities Division Director 701.328.5222 E-mail: [email protected], Kirby Medical Services Section Chief Disease Control Division Director 701.328.4549 E-mail: [email protected] Lelm, Tamara Gallup Children’s Special Health Services Division Director 701.328.4814 Mertz, Kim Family Health Division Director 701.328.4528 E-mail: [email protected], Darin Information Technology Coordinator Vital Records Division Director 701.328.2494 E-mail: [email protected], Tracy K.

When she isn't matchmaking, you can find Natalie surfing, salsa dancing, or leading her local nonprofit chapter.

The person experiencing the medical emergency has the right to refuse ambulance services; he or she will not be charged for that service.

Facility Management will be on hand to assist in any way possible.

and The Four Seasons, managing sales and marketing at a DC fashion-startup, and creating the first LGBTQ Business Society across Germany.

His passion for advocacy, desire to connect people, and relentless positivity - with a touch of edge - make him uniquely suited to be a matchmaker.