Problems updating to ios 5 cdc dating abuse fact sheet

To do so: Step 1: Go to the Home screen, press and hold the icon of the app you want to delete Step 2: The apps on the Home screen will start to jiggle, tap the X icon on Whats App and hit Delete to confirm.

Below are some problems that are commonly reported in the tech forum by Whats App users since they update to i OS 11: 1.

I could probably list another 20 apps that are experiencing issues after i OS 5 was released.

The point in the blog post isn’t just to complain about i OS 5, it’s to point out that the issue isn’t likely with the apps, but with the OS architecture.

To get started, please download and install Rei Boot to your PC/Mac.

This is all ahout i OS 11 Whats App problems and fixes.