People dating inmates rules teachers dating parents

The prisoners were part of an entrepreneurship program by a nonprofit company called Defy Ventures.The inmates, or entrepreneurs-in-training (EIT for short), take courses for an average of six months that teach them how to turn their small business ideas into reality.

A better understanding of prisoners’ sex lives is “urgently required” in order to improve health and wellbeing in Britain’s penal system, according to an influential report by campaigners.

Vulnerable individuals who were socially isolated and lacked external financial support were targeted or “groomed” for sex, the report found.

Three male interviewees told of how they had been raped in prison and three others had been threatened with rape by fellow inmates.“Quite simply, what happened ruined my life,” said one.

Research by the Howard League for Penal Reform found wide-ranging standards and rules over contraception, prompting calls for better oversight of health issues in prisons.

Prisoners said rape and sex “out of necessity” was common among inmates, while the large number of sexual partners prisoners had raised serious concerns regarding sexually transmitted diseases.