Penn state sex dating

Mike Mc Queary’s whistleblower suit has been given a date for court. Mc Queary gained attention amid the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case.

The alleged text request by Sandusky was redacted in the complaint, but he reportedly said that “it’s not weird because he studied medicine” before telling the minor not to show the texts to anyone else, the newspaper reports.Jeffrey Sandusky allegedly sent inappropriate texts to the child and frequently said not to tell anyone about the messages.Once, Sandusky told the alleged victim the texts “were not weird because he studied medicine.” The child also told police that Sandusky made sexual comments to him and “is always looking at me in weird ways, staring me up and down.” On occasion, he allegedly asked for naked photographs. Authorities launched an investigation in November after two teenage girls — ages 16 and 15 — said Sandusky solicited them for oral sex and nude photographs to be sent to his cellphone, according to a news release by the Pennsylvania State Police.The explicit messages were discovered by the girl’s father, who notified police, the local CBS affiliate reported.