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Then, Andy reminds me that she also does not like curly hair either. She says the millionaires do not like red, curly hair people.

I think Bravo needs to set up an Equal Opportunity program for the crew at Millionaire Matchmaker.

but claims it was worth it 'cause he hooked up with one of Patti Stanger's smokin' hot co-stars.

Of course, Rockhold's appearance on the show earlier this year was super controversial -- after he asked one of his potential matches if she "spits or swallows." Patti tore Luke's ass up in a post-date meeting -- a meeting where Luke can be seen putting the moves on Patti's attractive assistant. Luke says his social media pages have been blowing up with chicks who wanna hook up ...

If I had just seen this reel, I would think Patti is a really good matchmaker.

We had an above average conversation but I wasn't too excited by the whole thing.

I was, however, able to think of it as practice for my next date.

Check out the clip -- Luke makes it seem as though SOMEONE in Patti's office wanted a piece of The Rock ... and as Luke puts it, "They don't say they spit." You stay classy, Rockhold.

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