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Our executive dating service opens the door to extremely attractive single women for you.We need only a few minutes of your time to simply fill out the box to the right and it will submit confidentially to us. We're never going to be the same but we can start a new friendship based on honesty and stop accusing me of something I'm not. I got this situation happening with my relationship. When I turned 55 it felt good to have it all behind me. Like literally tried to kill me emotionally, mental, physically, morally. So I lay down for two days and just prayed, journaled…little by little I was able to get my strength back mentally. And then I got Briana back here, got her to City of Hope, which actually saved her life. Anyone who's going through a bad time, it's a storm that you're in. I feel like I went through that to learn a life lesson. I was able to get my mind clear and just know that that relationship is in the past. Steve said, "Vicki, there is no other woman I know that can run a business the way you do, be on a reality TV show and expose all of this and still come out okay." So he gets it. If I really wanted to talk about it, I would have said it on camera, I didn't. Business was struggling because I wasn't on my game. I was lied to, I was cheated and I was stolen from. First of all, Shannon Beador seems to be blaming you for her weight gain. She also blames you for spreading rumors her husband Eddie is gay. But Tamra heard the same rumor when she was dating him. [Tamra] has to say she's sorry, I'll say I'm sorry.

We’ll tell you right upfront if our executive dating agency is right for your particular needs. I don't know why he did what he did, but he wasn't a monster. We have common friends and the common friends are like. " I was talking to his mom all the time, his children. I don't know and that's why I have to just go, it's my past, I'll never understand it, so I have to be okay with it. I don't want to be having dinner and then [he just says], "Will you marry me? At our age, he's 59, I'm 55, you make that decision together.