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I had almost given up on finding my soul-mate when I came across this online service, Ikar International and decided to try my luck with finding her overseas.4 months later I was on my way to Kiev to meet Katya.I came to meet Katya in January, and she agreed to marry me on my next trip when I came to see her in June.

At times I felt I was going to be scammed or was overwhelmed by all the services that were thrown at me.

There are almost as many dating sites as there are single people looking for love, but none can bring you together with the person you don't dream about quite like this one.

Introducing, a website for singles who want to meet someone because "it's better than nothing."Okay, okay, it's a joke, but, admit it -- it touches a nerve.

My family came to Canada from Russia when I was really young.

I decided that I wanted to marry a Russian woman to preserve Russian traditions in the family and pass it on to future children.