Online dating when to be exclusive

So I'm brand new here but it seems like a great place for advice. I've had two meets so far, the first guy didn't go so well - we had good conversation, but not much attraction.

The second guy tonight I do like and would definitely like to see again.

You'll just end emotionally torturing yourself obsessing over why he takes so long to respond to your text messages or doesn't always pick up the phone when you call.

He's mentioned things he likes about me and I know he's attracted, so I can't quite figure him out.

I'm not so sure I'm ready to dive into anything too serious or committed though.

I've been out of the dating game for about 5 years now (in a LTR) so am not so sure, especially with online dating, how fast do things tend to move?

I'm in the 28-35 age range if that makes any difference (I'm 29, the guy is 33/34). I think this is your biggest problem and a lot of peoples'.

Also, when first starting to date/see someone, what is average for communication frequency? With the creation of online dating, it gives people an easy out when out of a LONG TERM relationship... fresh out and already want to be committed to someone because of the possibility of being attracted to them, not for anything else.