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Airlines are now enforcing the new two and three hour arrival advice for domestic and international travelers and security experts say the arrangements will likely be in place for the foreseeable future.Travelers at major airports appear to be heeding the new arrangements, and Mr Dutton thanked them for that.Mr Dutton says Australia faces 'imminent' security threats and has urged travelers to accept ramped up security measures at the country's airports, and if possible stay away entirely.'If you don't need to go inside the airport through the security section, then please don't,' he told the Nine network on Monday.But after what she deemed a nightmare first date, which involved her 'very negative' potential suitor 'speaking about himself the whole time,' Ms Daly requested a refund.

Four Sydney men were arrested over the bomb plot on Saturday, but Mr Dutton won't confirm reports Australia only learned of the plan last week via a tip-off from overseas.

Fitness model, Zoë Daly, (pictured) was unimpressed with a man she was set up with by an elite dating agency, so she sued and won back 80% of her original membership fee, which was 00 for 12 months A NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard Ms Daly, who's amassed an impressive 214,000 Instagram followers, met with 'millionaire matchmaker' Ms Gilbert on November 7.

The fit blonde claimed she was 'not ready to sign up' on the day, but was persuaded by Ms Gilbert who told her the men wouldn't be around if she waited until the New Year.

Subsequently, she paid the 12 month membership fee of ,995, under the pretense she would meet between 8‑10 'amazing men' throughout the course of the year.

Ms Daly complained the man she was matched with looked significantly older than his 40 years, even though she had specified her preference was for men aged 32-38.