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The Gilbert retiree has had diverse experiences, including suitors in their 40s and men much more her senior — both looking for a woman to take care of them in one capacity or another. She's suspicious when a photo appears to be lifted off the Internet, the grammar in a profile is perfect but horrible in e-mails, or out-of-state business trips conveniently prevent meeting up."The meetings for coffee and lunch have made me less fearful.But on the flipside, it's made me a little cynical," said Teets, who was married for 30 years to her high-school sweetheart."If something doesn't float my boat, I won't go any further."Sense of confidence Scott Young, owner and president of Phoenix-based date-organizing website Love Gifted, said that half of his clientele are Baby Boomers.Young realizes how much Boomers drive the online-dating industry, citing Pew data that shows online dating has increased more than 300 percent among the 50-plus demographic between 20.

And, on a recent Tuesday morning, Glendale resident Sharon Cripe, 67, finished blow-drying her hair before announcing what was on her agenda: "I'm going on a date! But what the heck, I can have a cup of coffee or tea with him."In Goodyear, Judi Wolowitz, 67, reminisced about her "amazing, storybook marriage" that came about after she joined in 1998.

Wolowitz has no problem dismissing a date who shows up wearing a silly or distracting outfit.

Wolowitz, who was divorced before she met her late husband, goes with her first impression and lets him know that nothing more will come of this."It sounds selfish, but it's my life and I can do what I want," she said.

"I'm looking for someone I can spend the rest of my life with."When Wolowitz attended the Pebble Creek singles club, she found herself surrounded by non-married couples who met there.

Online dating gave her a better shot at finding someone, which she did."I think I'm good at it," said Wolowitz, who has been dating her boyfriend for two months.