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She was, she tells me, called "the ugliest, meanest, darkest things I've ever read on a public messaging service.

I cried for two days."The scary part is that it's human behaviour.

#💁 #This Is Sarcasm #Talk To Us #Get Off Your Phone A photo posted by Bumble (@bumble) on "It's an epidemic," she tells me.

"Instead of socialising and having proper conversations, we're staring at pictures of models in bikinis and wondering how they look like that.

It means the chances of meeting someone with a fake profile are significantly reduced.

Zero," she tells me when we meet at a hotel in London's Covent Garden."That's where my idea for Bumble came from – I wanted to start a network that encouraged positive online behaviour versus bullying, exclusion and all that nasty stuff – I know, I've lived through it."Wolfe is referring to the tidal wave of trolling that occurred after she left Tinder.

We send a shout out of respect and appreciation for the amazing work, sacrifice, and protection that our local, state, and federal law enforcement officers provide us as citizens to keep us safe and secure.

If you ever dreamt about dating police officers or men and women in uniform, then you’ve found the perfect site for you.

Wolfe believes this success is down to online accountability.

The idea for Bumble came from her desire to create a safe space for people – women in particular – to communicate online.