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Will I get all of the reports that I need for postal discounts?Yes, all reports are returned and provided for you to get postal discounts from the United States Post Service (USPS). The PAF is an essential part of the NCOALink process because it enables USPS and the mailing industry to comply with the Privacy Act of 1974 by way of a written request to use COA information for mailing purposes.Click Here to download Information Packet about the PAF.

This creates formidable obstacles in maintaining a high quality mailing list that tracks customers who move.Input address information you provide is standardized according to USPS requirements and then matched against the LACS file.If a match is made, we provide you with the permanent address conversion.This is a good example of an address that would not be updated by NCOA, however Nixie footnotes will be returned explaining why a match was not made.LACS Conversion: Locatable Address Conversion System Included in NCOA process, the Locatable Address Conversion System (LACS) corrects address lists electronically for areas that have undergone permanent address conversions.