Male dating dining etiquette

Being from small town America, the supply of male strip clubs was non existent.

Even a one hour drive to the city could not guarantee an evening of CFNM fun, as most strip clubs had a strict rules that did not allow patrons to touch the male dancers. If we were going to have a CFNM sex adventure, we would need to travel to a country with a more liberal attitude towards the sex industry. We had read about the Montreal CFNM scene on several strip club forums.

Let’s get one thing straight - Jen and I are not CFNM newbies.

Being massage therapists, we both come by the Clothed Female Naked Male Fetish honestly.

We were pleasantly surprised at the decor, which was more upscale than the clubs south of the border.

We generously tipped the doorman, who led us to our table, a booth a few rows removed from the main stage.

Jen slowly started teasing Joshua by running her fingers along his toned biceps when he stopped her for a quick lesson in strip club etiquette.

Secretly, I was wondering if Jen was bisexual, as that would add an extra element of excitement to our weekend.

In most clubs, nude dances were , and got you a full contact dance in a private room.

These rooms were called Champagne rooms, and it was well known that some male strippers offered extra options if the price was right.

We then enquired about private dances, and he was quite open about what options were on offer.

Regular all nude dances in the Champagne room were per song - and strictly look but don’t touch. Some dancers offered a more extensive menu of options, but such activities could only be negotiated in private.