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Despite this, divorce in the UAE remains a taboo in society, which leads to families prying into the lives of wedded couples when they believe that separation might be on the cards.Badriya says that her family's interference in the relationship made things worse and led to divorce.In another effort by the government to tackle the problem, the department of family development has set up a hotline for couples to discuss domestic issues - although many Emiratis say that the problem is not to do with reconciling with their spouses but that they were not suited to each other in the first place.Dancing in the dark Abed, an Emirati subject who recently separated from his wife, says that a major reason for divorce in the UAE is to do with the traditional mode of union in the country - arranged marriages."A lack of common interests between married couples is one of the main reasons for divorce," he said.The study also showed that a high percentage of Emirati men marry foreign spouses, and a lack of communication or understanding of their partner's culture or language is contributing to their separation.More than 50 percent of marriages between Emirari subjects and non-Emiratis end in divorce.

Also, I receive benefits from the ministry of social affairs, in addition to alimony."Flights of fancy According to the Dubai court system, some of the recorded divorce cases were filed due to claims of infidelity.

As in other parts of the world, many men in the UAE perceive affairs as a passing fancy that would not have an impact on their marriage."Things are usually unchanged in a relationship when the cheating is done by the man.

However, the infidelity of a women is considered an unforgivable crime," said Jawahir, another divorcee.

But many conservative elements in Emirati society criticised the emergence of registrars, saying it was an attack on their traditions.

Still, many others say it is unsuitable matchmaking and the inevitable divorces that are the biggest threats to the stability of the family unit in the UAE.