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The characters of Cielo Mágico, acrobat and dancer, and the adventurous archaeologist Nicolás Bauer, the strength (group) and love for music that teenagers can have, giving equal social class.

The third has as its main theme lateral thinking and focuses on thinking more about caring for the planet, since they travel 22 years in the future and see a future in which there is nothing but war, hunger and a lot of inequality.

Also, to record the last episodes of the 2009 season, the team went to the Locality of San Pedro, Buenos Aires.

Towards the end of the last season, the actors Peter Lanzani, Pablo Martínez and Rocío Igarzábal, recorded in the ruins of Villa Epecuén.

The third season, which aired in Argentina in April 2009 and ended on December 3, with an average of 13.9 rating points, in its 140 issues, was the most viewed season.

This happens because of a serious temporal paradox, after having achieved that Paz survives, which causes a series of events, since some of the boys erase their memory and give them a new identity.

The boys who manage to escape this sinister plan are considered as "savages", because together they do everything possible so that each of their friends recover their memory clandestinely without the Chief of Ministers, Luz, realize. Jay who hides his identity until the last chapters of the season.

Juan Cruz, to fulfill his objective, will try to break to those who live in the mansion and will try by many ways to prevent that Cielo has its daughter Paz Bauer.

The third season incorporated the themes of lateral thinking, ecology, freedom of expression and social awareness.