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Dirty talk in the bedroom can make sex more exciting.Some people say talking dirty can even make their orgasms stronger.At the age of 19, she did National Film Awards winning director Bharathiraja's Tamil film, Taj Mahal (2000), which did not achieve commercial success.She was scheduled to make her Bollywood film debut in Love You Hamesha, opposite actor Akshaye Khanna; however, the film was stalled, and she finally made her debut in N. This low-budget sex comedy was the first commercial success in over a decade for the director.She also helped raise funds for pediatric eye-care.Riya first appeared as a child artist in the film Vishkanya in 1991, where she played the role of the young Pooja Bedi.A launch pad for Riya, cast in the female lead along with fellow-newcomers, Sharman Joshi, Sahil Khan and Shilpi Mudgal, the film pioneered a trend of commercial success for small budget films in India.

Listen to tunes that turn you on, read racy fiction, or conjure up steamy scenarios involving you and your dude.' So, if you don't tell him, how is he going to know?The time to tell him, to show him with your words and sounds and actions, is when you are making love." –Duncan Roberts on the How to Talk Dirty Website "When you are physically intimate, that is the time to release your inner sensual voice – in low moans, deep groans, and husky whispers, with sweet murmurs and soft long purrs…your very feminine scream as your pleasure reaches maximum…the long-drawn ' AHH' of true, deep, heartfelt fulfillment." –Duncan Roberts on the How to Talk Dirty Website "Describe exactly what you are doing to each other or what you would like done to one another.But a lot of people are embarrassed by the dirty talk. Here are some tips from dirty talk experts about how to get over your fears and enhance your sexual pleasure with dirty talk tonight – "Start with sexy texts or e-mails.It's often less embarrassing to write something down than it is to say it straight to someone's face – even better if you're not around when he reads it! Send a short text saying, ' How good was our sex last night? ' Slip a sexy note into his wallet or briefcase saying, ' I can’t stop thinking about having sex with you.