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I have a lot of respect for the parents of the children involved bringing them forward to face charges, though.

It takes a lot of guts, and I can imagine it must be quite hard to do. Whilst admittedly I was less than impressed with some of their handling of the student protests (a genuine cause which again found itself hijacked by the anarchist element), I think criticising them at this point is unfair.

For small doodles like this, maybe a few minutes at the most, and for larger, more detailed pictures with layers of shading, anywhere between several hours and a couple of days.—yugiohbakuramarik asked: ”I just died.

Thank you for making my life with that picture (p.s.

And pretending to help an injured man to his feet before robbing him is simply the lowest of the low - these perpetrators are absolutely pathetic.

That said, I do not believe taking away their benefits is a good idea.

That said, I’ll probably check out the first few episodes sooner or later “Whilst aware of said similarities, my first thought on this as a pairing was 'some things really should not be’.

) I know we’re not allowed to give requests but as an adoring fan can you pls! Anyways, I Was Just Wondering, Marik’s Always Calling Bakura A Kitty But Are There Any Strange Things He Does Perhaps That Don’t Help This Nickname? X3 (You Probably Know By Now That I’d Love A Picture But I Know You Must Get Like 10 Requests For Pictures Everyday So If You Don’t Want To It’s Cool =3)So you’re at a tea party with Ryou Bakura and Ciel Phantomhive in the Ouran Host Club, it’s going well until the inform you that the only tea they have is PG tips- what do you do? I guess following the stereotype, we’d be too polite to actually say anything and drink it anyway?

That, and #Operation Cup Of Tea was possibly the best counter-riot I have ever taken part in, heh.

As for your second question, I don’t watch tv :’) My set is purely for gaming / pc / dvd purposes.—francinerandom asked: ”Hi Rin!

Draw a picture of the entire gang in YGOTAS since i’ve never seen you draw all of them :)Tnx“ I wouldn’t say it bothers me, but I’ll admit I’m never entirely sure how to react :’) Thank you ever so much, mind. Do you: drink it anyway, demand that Haruhi or Sebastian bring you a different brand, or storm out in a bitch fit muttering Britishisms as you go? Though it must be said, I don’t quite understand why PG Tips would offend :|a—A few replies were missed off this time around because 1.) this was image heavy enough as it was and 2.) I found one turning into a reasonably lengthy comic.

I have actually drawn a group shot of (almost) all of the YGOTAS cast for LK’s birthday, but I seem to have misplaced the file.