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And of course tones of snuggles and positive reinforcement for good behaviour and for pups who are on the more timid side:) Come and check-in today!

Our Edmonton International Airport (YEG) to Lethbridge, AB Mini Bus Charter service is ready to get you from here to there quickly and easily.

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We are looking forward to providing your Alberta (Edmonton and Area) Mini Bus Charter transfer.I'm not making excuses for my buddy behavior but there's no excuse for the cop to unleash a deadly animal onto someone after they give up.If for some freaky reason I see a police dog coming after me I'll take a dead dog over life long pain/damage from the bites.We have multiple staff members within our large dog pack at all times to ensure everyone is playing nicely and being respectful of each other.We use Ceasar Milan's techniques of calm assertive leadership, and minor correction when necessary to prevent any issues between dogs and to maintain a calm and well behaved pack.